From My Lips to Your Ears...or Eyes

UPDATE 10/30/06
I finally figured out how to use Vo-lip-tuous and now I LOVE it. Okay, at first, I was putting a few drops on my lips and then rubbing it in to my lips completely with my fingertip. My lips were drying out a little bit, so after visiting their website, I discovered that you are supposed to put a few drops on your lips, spread across lips (with a brush or fingertip) to form a thin layer. Once Vo-lip-tuous "dries" you apply your favorite lip gloss or lipstick over the top. As soon as I did this, I had what Oprah calls a "lightbulb" moment (okay, maybe it wasn't THAT profound, but it was pretty cool). My lips now look amazing. Soft, smooth, moisturized...and YOUNGER. Plus, Vo-lip-tuous extends the wear of whatever lip gloss or lipstick I wear by at least double, which was a benefit I was not expecting. As directed, I am applying Vo-lip-tuous twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening, for long-lasting plumping effects. Another 26 days and my lips should look 10 years younger...I'll keep ya posted.
Vo-lip-tuous Lips - For Plump Sexy Lips

I just got my Vo-lip-tuous, and I have used it twice (already!). I mean, for $25, I had to give it a try, right?!

As soon as it arrived, I opened the bottle (that frankly looks more like a nail polish than a lip product) and found a small, bulbous glass applicator in the clear, thin liquid--different! At first, I put it on like lipgloss...and ended up with WAY too much on. So, I used my finger to work it into my lips and surrounding skin, as instructed, and my lips felt immediately softer and smoother. This smoothness wears off quickly, though, and my lips went back to feeling a little dry (I live in the high desert of New Mexico--it's always dry here, and so is your skin, your lips, your eyes...I could go on). Mind you, Vo-lip-tuous is not a lipgloss or lip moisturizer. It is a lip plumper...but I guess I hoped it would be a little more like LipFusion (oh well). One REALLY GREAT thing about Vo-lip-tuous: it does not sting, tingle or feel uncomfortable AT ALL.

I reapplied it a little later...and again, an immediate aaaahhhhh. But so fleeting.

Here's what they say: "Vo-lip-tuous Lips is a revolutionary special formulation designed to restore collagen and hydrate lips. It does so by stimulating your own collagen synthesis, ensuring that the look is absolutely natural! The effects are noticeable immediately with semi-permanent results after 30 days treatment. The active ingredients are silicone oils: Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone."

What all this means is that I will report back and update you on my results. In the meantime, I must say that I'm glad to have an immediately smoother lip profile without the stinging and burning of some of those other plumpers. Although it is still a little early for final judgments, by Thanksgiving I hope to be shouting from the mountaintops (we do have those here in Santa Fe, by the way) how much I love Vo-lip-tuous. If you can't wait that long, go check it out for yourself: Vo-lip-tuous Lips - For Plump Sexy Lips