The Eyes Have It

Paula Dorf, the creator of the famous cheeks of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, is one of the preeminent makeup artists in the world. Well, Ms. Dorf does more than cheeks. She also does some of the prettiest eyes (meaning eye colors and tools--read "makeup brushes"), too.

Three of my favorites, or rather staples, of Paula's Eye Colors and Glimmers are Bark, Aura and Mystic.

Paula Dorf Eye Color in Bark is described as a rich chocolate. If they mean, rich DARK chocolate, they're right. The color, pictured here, doesn't really give a true sense of how deep this brown is. Bark is a matte shadow, perfect for lining and for warm, smokey looks. It's one of those colors that looks like a Park Avenue dweller's eye shadow...I mean really rich.

Paula Dorf Eye Glimmer in Aura is a very pale barely-glimmery pink. When applied, it goes on almost-white, but warmer than white. Very natural. It's wonderful worn by itself with black liquid liner chiseled into the lash-line...very glamorous.

Paula Dorf Eye Color in Mystic is a deep mauve. But again, remember this is Paula, so think "soft and natural." Mystic is not one of those purple-y purples. When applied, it warms beautifully on the skin. Perfect again for smokey looks, for deepening the crease and adding depth without being harsh or bright (or cheap).

Any of Paula's eye colors and glimmers can be used as a liner. GirlPaint recommends two wonderful, indespensible tools to create the PERFECT line...again, by Paula.

Paula Dorf Transformer will magically turn ANY eye shadow into a liquid that once applied and dried will not budge (I've used this little gem for wedding makeup so many times I've lost count--and I would be lost without it). To use, just place a drop or two (NO MORE) into eye shadow lid or plastic/glass dish, dab liner brush (see the Eye Definer brush below...I mean it!) into the Transformer, glide along outer edge of shadow, and then apply to eyelid. Voila! Perfect eyeliner everytime. And get this: it washes away easily with eye makeup remover or water and facial cleanser.

Paula Dorf Eye Definer Brush used with Transformer or with dry powdered shadow, creates a perfect, chiseled line right where you want it. It makes your lashes look thicker, too...Doe eyes, anyone? And you can create a very sexy cat-eye look with the definer brush. Plus, with its taklon bristles, it will last forever (with proper care, of course).