Put Your Best Face Forward

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush System Kit

For years I have struggled with dry, yet congested, skin. I have large pores like someone with oily skin, but I tend to look taut and sallow, like someone with dry skin. Ummmm, yes, the worst of both worlds! So I exfoliated religiously, threw acids on my face, tried skincare regimens from hither and yon--all to no avail. Until...the magic facial brush came along. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Clarisonic Skin Care Brush System Kit! Finally, I have skin that actually absorbs the expensive products I so generously pile on it. And guess what? I don't have to be so generous. This thing actually saves me money! It's an expensive little gem, but oh so worth it (unlike my La Prarie Rose treatment...see my post below. Ugh.). So if you're like me, and have a skin challenge, or twelve, give it a try. You have a 30-day guarantee and 1-year warranty, so even if it doesn't prove to be the magic-maker it was for me, you can send it back and try, try again.