Get Rid of Your Makeup Sponge

Have you ever asked yourself why you do something when you know it doesn't work? As a young woman I read every fashion rag I could get my hands on. I loved makeup (still do...oh, so much), but could not for the life of me, figure out how to use those confounded makeup sponges. You know those little white rubber wedges (or rounds) that EVERYONE says you have to have...and use. Well, I decided a few years ago that I wasn't going to use them anymore....I never could really figure out the benefit anyway. So I stopped, for good. Seemingly.

Then, last year I was reading the blog of a professional makeup artist and she (of course) recommended applying foundation with a makeup sponge. Well I am a sucker for pro makeup artist tips, so I went out and bought some of those darned little wedges. Brought 'em home, pulled one wedge off the little hexagon-shaped cake and proceeded to apply foundation with that little dude. I surveyed my results and remembered why I had stopped using them long ago (they haven't changed by the way...no improvements whatsoever). Splotchy, uneven coverage, sponge marks, streaks. YUK! Not good. And I've had lots of practice applying makeup...I mean lots, Ladies.

I came to the conclusion that the makeup sponge is the most wasteful and useless item in your toolbox. It's a professional's tool and should be used by the pros...not by us everyday gals. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks so.

I know, they're not expensive, but save that few dollars you'd spend on the sponges and splurge on some fabulous mascara (or foundation).

So use your fingers, Ladies (who doesn't love the warmth of fingertips on her face anyway, right?). Use a foundation brush. Or just go without foundation before you use the almighty makeup sponge.

That is all.