My Two Cents About Blinc's Kiss Me Mascara

It's sort of amazing that a product this good--and this expensive--still has one of the cheesiest websites out there (feel free to take a look if you don't believe me www.blincinc.com).

Yes, I agree it's a little weird that the "tiny tubes" look like spider legs when you wash this stuff off, but the GREAT thing is: it doesn't come off until you "rubberize" the mascara with water and then apply gentle pressure. What does this mean? It means you can literally sleep in Kiss Me Mascara (NOT recommended, of course, but it happens) and you will wake up with the same lashes you went to sleep with.

I also agree that Kiss Me leaves a little to be desired in the way of volume, but it makes up for it by being nearly impossible to clump (if you follow the recommended application directions, that is) and does not damage your eyelashes.

The volume problem can actually be solved by using the specially-designed-to-go-with-the-mascara Lash Primer from Blinc. This stuff does work. It gives a nice soft volume. What I call "wedding lashes" are achieved by using the Lash Primer and Kiss Me Mascara. You know, romantic fringe, not too long, not to thick...just right.

Give 'em BOTH a try and you won't be sorry. And you'll wanna Kiss Me for my advice, too.