La Prairie Cellular Treatment Rose Illusion Line Filler a.k.a. "Miracle in a Jar"

UPDATE: I have been using my La Prarie Rose Illusion for a couple of months now. I have noticed that my makeup stays put all day, but other than that, not much else. I was hoping for MAGIC, MYSTERY....LOVE. Alas, all's I got was REALLY expensive makeup primer. I have plenty left even though I use it daily, so it's nice that it lasts awhile...but I think I will take Elke's advice and stick to MAC or Smashbox.

Okay, so I just ordered this expensive little gem, based on the most amazing reviews I think I've ever read about one single product, mostly the one at the respected and always funny Blogdorf Goodman.

La Prarie touts this primer as an "Age Minimizing Line Smoother." I love the fact that it's oil-free and can't wait 'til it arrives! Am I just a sucker? Or am I making a wise investment. We shall soon see, shan't we?