Favorite 2005 Christmas Gifts

Get Fresh Spa "Look Better Naked" Gift Set

When I first saw this 3-piece kit-in-a-lidded-blue-cylinder entitled "Look Better Naked", I was sorta insulted. But then I got over myself, remembered that I love everything from Get Fresh Spa, and tried it out. First of all, the lavender-lemongrass scent is incredible...very clean, both relaxing and uplifting. The first step in the three-step system is the "Body Souffle'" which is actually a whipped body scrub. So luxurious and delicious. And it makes my skin feel silky soft. The next step is the "Soy Body Facial" which you apply from your neck down and either leave on dry for 10 minutes or get into a warm tub and soak for 15 minutes. I prefer to soak, but I've tried both methods and my skin looks terrifically improved either way. The "facial" contains soy extract and mineral clay which work together to smooth your skin and detoxify your body. Plus, it doubles as a body wash! The last step in this magical threesome is the "Body Butter." With that amazing lavender-lemongrass scent, the rich, emollient formula softens and moisturizes without being overly heavy or greasy. It also makes your skin feel tighter and smoother. Wow, I DO look better...naked! www.getfresh.net

Paula Dorf Broadway Baby Quickie

Paula Dorf Quickie Compact -

Paula Dorf, the talented makeup artist to such amazing women as Barbra Steisand, Diane Keaton and Mary Tyler Moore, challenges women to "become your own makeup artist," once again released her annual Quickie. For 2005, she entitled it Broadway Baby. Too cute, huh? This incredible little quickie, my favorite so far, contains four each of Paula's best selling eye shadows and lip colors. For eyes, you get a beautiful plum and violet palette including Spellbound--a fabulous deep plum that is perfect for lining or blending for a smokey look, Daydream--an icy violet that goes on a little deeper than it looks making it perfect for a crease color, Tranquility--a few shades lighter than Daydream, Tranquility is a great base shade or blending shade, Firedance--this shimmery white actually goes on with a hint of gold...a perfect highlighter. Lip colors include two of Paula's conditioning lip creme colors: Sky Pink and Vanity; it also contains two lip sheers (perfect for layering or wearing alone for a natural glossy look), Smooch and Pretty. The colors are very flexible, taking you from day to night. I have created a very clean look with the Broadway Baby pallete, as well as a very dramatic, smokey look. Plus the quickie compact has a mirror and is about the size of a credit card, so it travels easily in your smallest purse or pocket. You can apply the colors with your pinkie or with a travel brush set...and become your own makeup artist!
Paula Dorf Quickie Compact - "Broadway Baby" Broadway Baby