Step-by-Step: The Perfect Bridal or Special Event Make Up Application in 13 Steps

1st. Cleanse face, neck and décolleté using gentle, skin-type appropriate cleanser
  1. Use JOEY NY make-up remover pads for "clingy" eye make up.
  2. Tone the skin to tighten pores and remove any traces of oil. My favorite toner for this is DDF's Aloe Toning Complex

2nd. Moisturize...I recommend DDF Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew (allow 10 minutes before priming)

3rd. Prime

  1. Face
    1. JOEY NY Correct-a-line or Pore Minimizing Serum
    2. PAULA DORF Just Glo
    b. Eyes
  2. PAULA DORF Eye Primer--Love this stuff 'cuz it creates a perfect surface for eye shadow, whether you use powder or cream

4th. Foundation

  1. Color match at jawline in natural light
  2. Apply all over face with foundation brush, pat with fingertips to blend
  3. Apply to eyelids with a smaller (concealer) brush
    1. PAULA DORF Perfect Glo
    2. TRUCCO Oil-Free

5th. Brows

  1. Shape brows with spoolie
  2. Outline and fill in brows with appropriate color brow powder/s using angled brow brush
  3. Finish with brow gel to set

6th. Eyes

  1. a. Liner
    1. PAULA DORF Transformer mixed with darkest shadow color and steadily painted on upper and lower lash lines
    2. Soften with smudger tool, if necessary
  2. All-over color
  3. Crease color, if needed
  4. Lid
  5. Highlight on browbone and center of lid
  6. Contour at outer edge
  7. Blend
  8. Re-line
  9. Apply eye enhancer (my favorite lately is Paula Dorf's Baby Eyes) in inside of lower lid to brighten eyes
  10. Use fan brush to remove any fall-out on cheeks below eyes

7th. Concealer

  1. Cream concealer under eyes
    1. PAULA DORF Total Camouflage or TRUCCO Cream Concealer, blend for perfect color
  2. PAULA DORF Magic Stik on blemishes
  3. Apply special concealer if necessary

8th. Cheeks

  1. Cream on cheeks and under cheekbones to contour
    1. Use a Cream Cheek brush
  2. Powder over cream to lengthen wear
    1. Use a Contoured Cheek Brush
  3. Highlight top of cheekbone

9th. Contour & Highlight to define/correct face shape to give the illusion of distinct planes and to "correct" face shape towards oval

  1. Cheeks
    1. Contour below cheekbones
    2. If necessary, contour to camouflage sagging skin along jawline
    3. Highlight over cheekbones and under eyes
  2. Chin & Jawline
  3. Neck
    1. Contour just below jawline
    2. Contour either side of "Adam's Apple" to lengthen a short neck
  4. Décolleté
    1. Dust with matte or shimmery powder
  5. Collar bones
    1. Highlight the top of the collar bones with shimmery powder or Paula Dorf's Tinted Moisturizer in Just Glo
  6. Forehead
    1. Contour just above the eyes
    2. Highlight just above and between the brows

10th. Lips

  1. Prime
    1. NAKED KISS Lip Treatment, if necessary for moisture/plumping
    2. PAULA DORF True Illusion or Trucco's Lip Perfect, to smooth and lengthen wear
  2. Line lips with a soft, steady line
  3. Fill in the lips with a liner color similar to lipstick color
  4. Brush on lipstick with lip brush to apply a fine, even layer of color
  5. Blot with a folded tissue
  6. Re-apply color, again using lip brush
  7. Blot again
  8. Apply gloss to "pout" on lower lips
  9. Re-line

11th. Powder

  1. Load large, fluffy powder brush with a translucent loose powder like Paula Dorf's No Color or Trucco's Nothing
  2. Remove the excess by shaking the excess out completely before applying

12th. Mascara

  1. Prime lashes
    1. BLINC Primer
  2. Apply mascara (my favorite for weddings is KISS ME in Black or Black/Brown) to upper and lower lashes
    i. Plant the mascara brush at the base of the upper lashes and, using a slight zig-zag motion, apply color at the roots and roll the brush out to the lash tips
    ii. Lightly "touch" the mascara brush on the lower lashes to deposit color and definition

13th. Apply Bronzer and/or Highlighter as needed for extra warmth--for darker, warmer complexions I use Bloom's Aloha Bronzing Powder and for lighter, pinker complexions I prefer Trucco's Bronzer