Review: Trucco Sheer Lipstick in Stained

Trucco's Stained Sheer Lipstick looks scary at first glance. I thought it to be almost black when twisted it up from it's handsome, logo-imprinted black tube. Wow! What color could this possibly be? I hestitantly rubbed the end of the glossy, black formula on the back of my hand, and....what's this? It's a lovely, clear chocolate-y brown shiny sheer! Now I'm thinking, "Okay, it looks great on the back of my hand, but what about my lips?" Well, as it turns out, Stained looks fabulous. One of my new favorite shades, definitely. Since my first, somewhat harrowing, experience with Trucco's Stained, I have used this beautiful shade on several of my clients and it's looks absolutely amazing on everyone I've tried it on, from the darkest skinned lovelies to the fairest, blondest beauties--by the way, it's truly the most beautiful with Asian coloring.

Stained is such a natural shade and it seems to transform into the "perfect shade" on every lip it touches...and I mean perfect. I'm a professional makeup artist and I just happen to sell many of the cosmetics I use (how convenient, eh?). So far, every one I've tried this on (including myself) has purchased this lipstick shade...more than once. And at a very reasonable $13.95, why not give it a try yourself? You won't be sorry. Trucco is available at fine salons and online at www.planetbeauty.com