Review: Joey New York's Pure Pores Pore Tightener and Filler Serum

Okay, here's what Joey New York claims: "An oil-free serum to tighten and fill-in large pores. This gel treatment makeup primer containing a unique blend of ingredients creates a smooth invisible layer which allows foundation and powder to glide easily over the face. Skin appears flawless. Can also be worn alone."

Here's GirlPaint's experience: I used this product both during the day and at night, with my usual skincare and makeup regimens. I applied it just after toning my skin, before moisturizing. I allowed my toner to dry completely, applied Joey's Pore Tightener and Filler Serum with my fingertips, then allowed it to dry completely.

The serum is completely clear and odorless. It's about the consistency of eggwhite, but a little thinner, so the pump bottle tends to squirt the product forcefully out of the bottle...watch out! Unless you aim directly at your hand, you will end up wasting some.

After I applied this clear liquid to my face, I noticed that my pores did shrink somewhat and that my face overall appeared smoother, maybe even a little shiny and glowing. Also, I noticed that the serum loosened any sebum or blockage in my pores that were conjested (I have fairly large and open pores that accumulate all kinds of gross stuff...didn't you want to hear that?!) Pretty amazing.

I used the serum as a part of my skin care regimen at night and when I awoke the next morning, I noticed that my skin was much smoother than normal and that my pores indeed seemed much more refined. They were not invisible by any means, but I certainly noticed an improvement. The texture of the skin on my face was definitely improved.

I can attest to the fact that Joey NY's Pure Pores Pore Tightener and Filler Serum is also a good makeup primer, especially for those who have large, open pores or combo/oily skin. My foundation looked smoother and although my skin didn't look "flawless" it did look better than it usually does. The serum contains oil-absorbing ingredients, so your makeup also lasts longer without touch-ups.

I recommend this product for anyone who has visible pores, oily or conjested skin. I give Pure Pores Pore Tightener and Filler Serum five out of five paintbrushes ...this magic little serum does more than the company claims it willl. Joey New York can be purchased online at http://www.joeynewyork.com/