About GirlPaint

GirlPaint was founded and is edited by Guinevere "Guin" White, a Caterer and Event Planner with a Conde Nast Top 100 / Four Star / Four Diamond resort hotel and a former professional makeup artist (and admitted cosmetics and skin care junkie).

Guin has been in and out of the "biz" since '91, has used a variety of products from the "best" manufacturers of salon and professional quality cosmetics and skin care, as well as drugstore brands and homemade concoctions.

GirlPaint is a featured beauty editor at CherryCulture and is a member of The Beauty Blog Network, Coutorture, Apples2apple Blog Club, Bust's Girl Wide Web and the RealSelf Beauty Network.

"In an attempt to connect with fellow "painters," I created GirlPaint: a community where we can all share with each other what works and what doesn't, our favorite (and no so favorite) products and techniques...our experiences in the beauty world. I have a great sense of humor about this industry--much of the marketing makes me laugh, but I admit I am a sucker for a great pitch. I encourage you to come by and add your two cents!"